Dr. Kevin Roddy
Medieval Studies



Sunny day at Glendalough Reefert Church, arch and window
Gateway from exterior Reefert Church, arch and doorway
Gateway from interior Upper Lake
Round tower Site of St. Kevin's cell
Cathedral, headstones Original foundation of St. Kevin's cell
Cathedral, opening St. Kevin's by the river
Cathedral, interior, west Trinity Church, exterior
Cathedral, interior Trinity Church, arch and window
Cathedral, exterior Trinity Church, arched doorway
Cathedral, interior doorway Trinity Church, doorway, arch, window
Cathedral, arch detail St. Saviour's Church, wall
St. Kevin's cross St. Saviour's Church, interior
St. Kevin's cross, close-up St. Saviour's, arched windows
Priest's house, Wicklow mountains St. Saviour's carved capital
St. Kevin's Church St. Saviour's, lion carving
St. Kevin's Church, entrance St. Saviour's, geometric, peacock carving
Our Lady's Church, distant St. Saviour's, downward view of stairs
Lower Lake St. Saviour's, stair leading up
Cemetery St. Saviour's, arched window looking out
Reefert Church, cemetary Glendalough, view from the valley
Reefert Church, doorway

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