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Locales of Meetings

Future Meetings of The Medieval Association of the Pacific

2007 UCLA

Past Meetings of The Medieval Association of the Pacific

2006 Westminster College, Utah
2005 San Francisco State University
2004 University of Washington
--joint meeting with MAA
2003 Portland State University
2002 University of San Diego
2001 Arizona State University, Tempe
2000 University of Victoria, British Columbia
1999 Claremont Graduate School
1998 Stanford--joint meeting with MAA
1997 University of Hawaii, Manoa
1996 University of San Diego

1995 UC Berkeley
1994 University of Washington, Seattle
1993 University of Arizona--joint meeting with MAA
1992 UC Irvine
1991 UC Davis
1990 Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver--joint meeting with MAA
1989 UCLA
1988 University of Arizona
1987 University of Oregon
1986 Stanford University
1985 University of Southern California
1984 University of Washington, Seattle
1983 UC Berkeley--joint meeting with MAA
1982 Claremont Colleges
1981 University of Victoria
1980 UCLA--joint meeting with MAA
1979 San Francisco State University
1978 University of British Columbia
1977 UCLA
1976 UC Davis
1975 University of Washington, Seattle
1974 UC Santa Barbara
1973 Stanford
1972 UCLA
1971 California State University at Fresno
1970 UC Berkeley
1969 UC Riverside
1968 University of San Francisco